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Client complaint procedure

In order to assure a timely and correct handling of customer complaints we have defined a client complaint procedure.

You can pass your complaint to us in the following way:

In writing
You can address your complaint in writing to our Head of Legal & Compliance.

By E-mail
You can address your complaint by e-mail to your account manager or Please note that e-mails can only be sent up to 5MB per e-mail.

In case you address your complaint please provide us:
- Your name, address, telephone number and if possible e-mail address
- Your customer and account number
- Copies of relevant documentation 
- Description of your complaint

You will receive a confirmation of the receipt of your complaint within a period of ten working days and if possible an answer or solution to your complaint. If an answer or solution cannot be directly provided we will inform you on who will be handling your complaint, his contact details and the expected timeframe to resolve your complaint.

If you are a consumer and you are not satisfied with the provided answer or solution within the defined timeframe you can forward your complaint within three months to the Financial Services Complaint Institute (KiFID). You can also forward your complaint to a court of law.

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If you are a corporate customer however matters should be referred to a court of law.