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Terms & Conditions, and Fee Information
Fee Information Document for Individual Payment Account
Standardised Terms and Definitions for Payment Account Services
Terms and Conditions Corporate Customers Terms and conditions applicable to financial services provided to corporate customers
Terms and Conditions Corporate Customers (Effecting from 1 Feb 2019)  
General Banking Conditions General conditions applicable to all banking services
Basic information about the protection of deposits  

Application form for Retail customers
Common Reporting Standard (CRS) Application form to determine tax residency (Online Saving Packing Retail customers and ICBC Direct retail customers)
Customer Information Collection Form  
Remittance Form (For Retail Retreat Only) Customers can use this form to process time deposit early withdrawal, FX spot transaction and balance.

Manual for Retail customers
Online Spot FX ( Beta version) -Instructions on Foreign Exchange transactions
Outgoing Payments ( Beta version) -SEPA payments
-Non SEPA Payments
-ICBC Express
-Transfer between own account
Personal Settings ( Beta version) -Inbox
-Download your bankstatement

Order Forms for Retail customers
Close Retail Products Form The form can be used to close your ICBC Package.
Change Customer Details Form This form can be used to change your registered details at ICBC Amsterdam. Please complete the form, include a copy of your ID, and submit it to us.
Replace Cards and Internet Banking Access Form This form can be used to inform us when your Debit Card and/or ICBC Password Token is missing.  Further you can unlock Internet Banking with this form.
Decline/(un)block/refund SDD form This form can be used if you want to (Un)block/decline/refund a SEPA Direct Debit(SDD). Please be aware that (Un)Block and decline services are available when the SDD has not taken place. You can request for a refund of SDD after deduction within 56 calendar days.
Red Card With this form you can revoke the SDD Mandate

Corporate Customer Application Form
Corporate Remittance Form
FX Form for Commercial Customer