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Interest Rate changes for retail customers per 1st of September 2016
Due to changing market circumstances, ICBC (Europe) S.A. Amsterdam Branch announces that the retail interest rates will change per 15th of December 2016. Please find our new rates in the table below.

ICBC Direct, ICBC E package, ICBC E-plus package & ICBC Online saving package

Account Type CCY Term Previous Nominal Rate Nominal Rate Per 15/12/2016
Saving Account EUR - 0.44% 0.29%
Time Deposit EUR 3M 0.44% 0.09%
Time Deposit EUR 6M 0.46% 0.09%
Time Deposit EUR 12M 0.49% 0.00%
Time Deposit EUR 2Y 0.51% 0.00%
Time Deposit EUR 3Y 0.54% 0.00%
Time Deposit EUR 4Y 0.57% 0.00%
Time Deposit EUR 5Y 0.59% 0.00%

The effective interest rate can be calculated on an ACT/360 basis, and can possibly raise more due to the interest-on-interest effect if you keep the paid interest on the interest bearing ICBC Saving Account.

All other USD and RMB interest rates will remain unchanged.

ICBC (Europe) S.A. Amsterdam Branch