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Trade Finance

The Bank delivers multi-currency trade finance services to our clients denominated in Euro, US Dollar, RMB, etc.

Letter of Credit (L/C)
The Bank issues letters of credit within the shortest period according to the application of our corporate clients. We can issue various types of L/C as required by the clients, such as transferable L/C, back-to-back L/C, sight payment L/C, deferred payment L/C, negotiating L/C, buyer’s usance L/C. We also could provide the ancillary trade finance products under L/C, such as import/export negotiation, buyer’s usance L/C, L/C refinancing, shipping guarantee and bill of lading endorsement.

The Bank provides corporate clients with import- and export collection services, as well as ancillary trade finance products such as inward bill purchase under collection or advance against export bills for collection/discount to meet clients’ short-term financing needs and to improve their cash management efficiency.

The Bank provides forfaiting service without recourse after the undertaking from the L/C issuing bank for payment has been received for customers’ financing needs.

International Factoring
The Bank provides corporate clients with financing and non-financing factoring service to help them mitigate the risks of export proceeds collection.