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Cross-border RMB Services

Giving full play to our unique advantages on being the number one bank of RMB business in the world, familiarity in RMB cross-border policies and our extensive domestic networks, the Bank will cooperate with domestic branches to provide tailored-made solutions to clients in RMB funds pooling and exchange rate risk hedging, direct investment. RMB-related services such as deposits, international settlement, foreign exchange dealing, guarantee, trade finance, corporate loan, RMB bonds issuance, etc., are offered to customers, including the following special products: 

Usance L/C in RMB + finance in foreign exchange
The Bank offers L/C financing in foreign exchange to customers upon our receipt of undertaking of payment made by L/C issuing bank under a usance L/C denominated in RMB.

Corporate loan secured by bank guarantee in RMB
The Bank can grant corporate loans either in RMB or other currencies against a RMB-denominated guarantee issued by a Chinese bank.

Usance L/C in RMB + re-issuing L/C in foreign exchange
Upon the receipt of usance L/C in RMB issued by ICBC domestic branches, the Bank can re-issue an L/C favoring the final beneficiary with the same tenor and equivalent foreign exchange amount.

RMB NRA account deposit as pledge + finance in foreign exchange
The Bank may offer a foreign currency loan to a corporate customer after the said company provides as a pledge the deposit maintained in RMB NRA account with ICBC domestic branch and sign a tri--partite agreement on A/C supervision with ICBC Amsterdam and the domestic branch.

RMB Dim Sum bonds
Coordinating with ICBC subsidiaries in Hong Kong, the Bank can provide RMB bonds services such as issuance guidance, pricing reference, policy consultancy etc, as well as assisting customers to issue RMB Dim Sum bonds ranging from various scales in the Hong Kong market.